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№ 310


1 October 1996

Hammer Price:

Miscellaneous, Political Medals (9), viz. 50th Anniversary of Wesleyan Methodism, 1789, white metal, by W. Mainwaring, bust right, reverse Wesley preaching to congregation, 36mm (BHM 334; E. 829); Horne Tooke, Thelwall and Hardy Acquitted of High Treason, 1794, white metal, unsigned, 37mm (BHM 377; E. 860); Union of Ireland with Great Britain, 1800, white metal, by J.G. Hancock and P. Kempson, 38mm (BHM 494; E. 917); Death of Sir Ralph Abercromby, 1801, white metal, by T. Halliday, 40mm (BHM 506; E. 930); Preliminaries for the Peace of Amiens, 1801, brass medalets by H. Kettle (2, one pierced and plated), both 25mm (BHM 514); Peace of Amiens, 1802, copper, by J.G. Hancock, with bust of Cornwallis, 39mm (BHM 539; E. 942); Manchester and Salford Royal Light Horse Volunteers, 1802, copper, by C.H. Küchler, un-named, 36mm (E. 944; cf. Glendining 10 Oct. 1989, lot 1433); Earl Grey Appointed Prime Minister, 1830, copper medalet, unsigned, 22mm (BHM 1442; E. 1226). [9]. First very fine and scarce, last fair, others mostly fine to very fine but second and fourth with surface corrosion (£50-60)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens.

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BHM 334 = Bell, PC p.64; BHM 377 = Bell, PC p.114; BHM 494 = Bell, PC p.193; BHM 506 and 514 plated = Bell, PC p.197; BHM 514 brass = Bell, PC p.196 (no.149); BHM 539 = Bell, PC p.200; E. 944 = Bell, PC p.199; BHM 1442 = Bell, UF p.118