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№ 224


1 October 1996

Hammer Price:

19th Century, Flintshire, Flint, Roskell, Tipton & Co, Penny, 1813 (D. 13 variety); Glamorganshire, Swansea, Nantrhydyvilas Air Furnace Co, Penny, 1813, L.W. Dillwyn & T. and J. Bevington, Penny, 1813 (D. 18, 20); Monmouthshire, Tredegar, Tredegar Iron Co, Penny, 1812 (D. Not Local 40); Montgomeryshire, Llanidloes, Glanclywedog Factory, C. Cole, Penny, 1813 (D. Denbigh 1). [5]. Swansea D.18 fair, first and last very fine, others fine (£50-60)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens.

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Flint D. 13 variety = Bell, CCC p.150; Glamorgan D. 20 = Bell, CCC p.151; Tredegar = Bell, CCC p.167; Llanidloes = Bell, CCC p.149.

The first piece differs from the description of Davis 13 in that the first and fourth chimneys do not emit smoke. The Tredegar penny in this lot is the same one described and illustrated by Bell in his article ‘A New Tavistock Token (?)’, BNJ 1970, pp.167-8