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№ 91


1 October 1996

Hammer Price:

18th Century, Middlesex, Skidmore’s Churches, Surrey, Halfpence (7), viz. St Mary Magdalen’s, Bermondsey; Bermondsey Priory; St Mary’s, Rotherhithe; Christ Church, Southwark; St John’s, Southwark; St Olive’s, Southwark; St Thomas, Southwark (DH 664a, 667, 668a, 670, 671, 672, 675a). [7]. About extremely fine and better, all except DH 672 with original colour, first very rare (£60-80)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens.

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DH 664a = Bell, BM p.152; DH 667 = Bell, BM p.125; DH 668a = Bell, BM p.153; DH 670 = Bell, BM p.126; DH 671 = Bell, BM p.144; DH 672 = Bell, BM p.160; DH 675a = Bell, BM p.164