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№ 423


26 June 1996

Hammer Price:

France, Sévres Silhouette, Charles X, hard paste biscuit porcelain silhoutte portrait, circa 1820, modelled by Brachard, impressed “Sévres”. Very fine (£100-150)

This and the following 3 lots are the work of Alexander Brachard the younger who is recorded as having worked at the Sevres factory in 1784-1792, 1795-1799 and 1802-1827. During the 1820’s a Jean-Charles-Nicholas Brachard is also recorded as a modeller and repairer for Sevres.

Charles X (1785-1836), Brother of Louis XVI and Louis XVIII, he became King of France in 18254 and presided over a French court more lavish than the pre-revoluionary days. Due, in part, to his reactionary policies he was forced to abdicate in 1830 and died in exile.