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11 June 1996

Hammer Price:

Three: Pilot Officer G. Barker, Royal Air Force, a Gladiator fighter pilot with 80 Squadron in Libya and Greece where he had at least four victories
1939-45 Star; Africa Star; War Medal, these all unnamed but sold with the recipients two surviving Pilot’s Flying Log Books covering the period from April 1941 to the end of the war, and a training record book for “B” Flight 80 (F) Squadron for Barker and several colleagues in the summer of 1937, good very fine (3)

Barker flew Gladiators in Libya and Greece with No. 80 Squadron, one of his fellow pilots being the well known Ace Pat Pattle. Barker’s Log Book carries an endorsement by his C.O. which reads “Previous Log Book destroyed due to enemy action in Greece.” There is also a record of Barker’s achievements up to April 1941:
No. of Sorties: 1. Libya: 27+20 patrols (I.P.) 2. Greece: 96+10 patrols (I.P.)
Combats: 25 (approx.)
Victories: 1 CR42 at Klissoura - Pilot shot. 1 ME109 at Olympus - Pilot baled out. 1 DO17 at Peleponesus - Broke up.
Probables: 1 CR42 Spinning - bits flying off. 1 ME110 Burst in cockpit (confirmed?).

The first entry in his new Log Book, 23 April, 1941, with Barker flying a Hurricane, records another DO17 shot down south of Argos, followed by a dog-fight over the base aerodrome with 47 ME110’s. Barker claims one probable but was then shot down himself, being wounded in the arm and back. Subsequently evacuated to Egypt via Crete, Barker’s combat career was over and his later service was mostly in training pilots within the U.K. He is mentioned several times in ‘Pattle: Supreme Fighter in the Air’, by E. C. R. Baker, and is included in a group photograph in the book.