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11 June 1996

Hammer Price:

Naval General Service 1793-1840, 1 clasp, 14 Dec. Boat Service 1814 (H. J. Carr, Master’s Mate) edge bruise, otherwise good very fine

Confirmed on the medal roll as Master’s Mate aboard the Royal Oak.
In this brilliant action, which was effected ‘after an incredible row of some thirty-six hours’, Captain Lockyer led a flotilla of small boats with nearly a thousand men against the Guard Ships situated on Lake Borgne off New Orleans. Apart from capturing and retaining a Sloop and five Gun Vessels, the remaining American ships were destroyed.

Commander Henry James Carr entered the Navy as a First Class Volunteer aboard the
Majestic on 1 September, 1803, aged eleven years, although he claimed to be fourteen. He next joined Saturn as a Midshipman and, in May 1809, he took up appointment aboard the Royal Oak. Among other actions, O’Byrne credits him with extensive service in North America, more particularly at the destruction of Washington, where he took charge of a boat, and in the operations against Baltimore and New Orleans. For his conduct at the storming of the line of forts situated along the Mississippi, he was promoted to the Lieutenancy of the Borer sloop by Sir P. Malcolm. In later years he became Chief Officer and Inspecting-Lieutenant in the Coast Guard, and was advanced to the rank of Commander on 1 October, 1860. He married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Bradley Esq., of Granville, in the island of Jersey, and by that lady had six sons and one daughter.