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5 March 1996

Hammer Price:

A Malaya Emergency M.M. group of four awarded to Rifleman Pasang Tamang, 7th Gurkha Rifles
Military Medal, G.VI.R., 2nd issue (21138219 Rfn., 7 G.R.); War Medal; General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, Malaya, G.VI.R. (21138219 Rfn., 7 G.R.); Indian Independence 1947 (21138219 Rfn., G.R.) mounted as worn, contact marks, otherwise very fine (4)

M.M. London Gazette 19 October, 1951.
‘Rfn Pasang Tamang is a bren gunner in “B” Company 1/7 Gurkha Rifles, and he has been constantly engaged in operations against bandits for the past two and a half years.
On 4 April, 1951, Rfn Pasang Tamang was a member of a platoon whose strength was only 15 men, when it was surprised and attacked by a party of bandits whose strength was estimated to be 150. The situation of the platoon was tactically unfavourable, and this rifleman’s prompt, cool and skilful handling of his bren gun helped to disorganise the bandits and enabled his platoon to extricate itself from a very difficult position. He personally killed one bandit in this engagement and almost certainly inflicted other casualties, and the body and weapons of the dead bandit were recovered.
Rfn Pasang Tamang has in all killed at least three bandits and has wounded others. Whenever bandits are met he is always the first to close with them and his courage and offensive spirit have at all times been outstanding. He has set a very fine example to the remainder of his platoon.’
Pasang Tamang was wounded in action on 17 May, 1952, as a result of which he was discharged on 3 July, 1956, after serving for a period in excess of 12 years.
A total of 267 M.M.’s and 3 bars were awarded for Malaya during the period 1948-60, the split between G.VI.R and E.II.R. issues being virtually equal.