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5 March 1996

Hammer Price:

A posthumous K.P.M. for Gallantry awarded to Inspector of Police Sardar Bahadur, killed in an engagement with a gang of notorious outlaws
King’s Police Medal, G.VI.R.,
1st type, ‘For Gallantry’ reverse (Inspr. of Police, No. 141, N.W.F.P.) very fine and scarce

K.P.M. Gazette of India 10 July, 1943.
On Friday, the 16th April 1943, the Bannu City Police received information that a strong and well-armed hostile gang, led by Fateh Jang, one of the most dangerous and ruthless raiders on the Bannu border, had come to an adjacent serai to raid the city and kidnap persons attending the Friday fair. The Police turned out and engaged the gang immediately, and a battle followed during which the gang lost eight killed, including Fateh Jang himself and several other notorious outlaws. Two more were wounded and captured alive, whilst another two were intercepted and killed near the border. This successful action prevented a serious raid and also rid the Bannu District of a number of notorious proclaimed offenders, but it cost the Police six men killed and four wounded.
The two officers who are awarded the K.P.M. (Inspector Sardar Bahadur and Constable Sher Ali) died during this encounter while personally engaging the hostiles attack and their extreme bravery and personal example played an important part in the frustration and rounding up of the gang.