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5 March 1996

Hammer Price:

A rare Spanish Gold Medal for Bagur and Palamos 1810
Spanish Medal for Bagur and Palamos 1810, gold, 47 mm, fitted with integral loop and ring for suspension, good very fine and rare

This medal was given in gold and silver by the Spanish Government to the Officers, seamen, and marines of H.M. Ships Kent, Ajax and Cambrian as a reward for the assistance they rendered the Spaniards in their attempt to expel the French from Catalonia, in September 1810. At Bagur, the Spaniards with the help of the British Marines, defeated a French detachment and destroyed a battery, and in the attack on Palamos, by the co-operation of the ships, the French were again defeated and the place taken.
Records indicate that as few as 8 gold medals were awarded.