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№ 800


15 December 1995

Estimate: £30–£40

Medals Related to Sports, Netherlands, Royal Military Sporting Society, silver prize medal by W. Achtenhagen for Begeer, named (Tweede Prijs, Cross Country, Lt. Jhr. K.F. Quarles van Ufford, “Bayard” 29 Mrt. 1913, Rheden), 50mm (Beg. 1121); Loosdrecht Watersports Club, silver prize medal, unsigned, view of harbour, inscribed (2e Prijs, Pampus Klasse, 20-5-34), 50mm; Chess, an engraved nickel prize medal, 1878, depicting a chess board, 31mm; other sports medals in base metal (2). [5]. Very fine and better (£30-40)