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№ 718


15 December 1995

Estimate: £30–£40

France, France, Republican Holiday, 1848, copper medalet by A. Dubois, 26mm; Return Visit of the English, 1849, copper medalet by E. Rogat, 26mm; Obelisk of Louqsor, copper medalet by J.P. Montagny, 26mm (cf. BDM IV, 130); First Anniversary of the Revolution, 1849, copper jeton, 24mm (Col. 36); Religious Confirmation, 1853, silver medalet by V.M. Borrel, engraved (J.T., 28 Mai 1880), 27mm; and a Marriage medalet, silver, unsigned, 28mm. [6]. First four extremely fine, others very fine and fine (£30-40)