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15 December 1995

Hammer Price:

Belgium, G. Devreese [Brussels]: Concours de Jeux et Tirs Populaires, Brussels, 1899, plated plaque, 67 x 42mm (BDM I, 575), with integral loop for suspension; Charles Buls, Retiring Burgomaster of Brussels, 1899, 70mm (Méd. Hist. II, 58; Dompierre 391; BDM I, 575); Paul Fisch, 1905, plated plaque, 70 x 49mm (Domp. 676; BDM VI, 119); Fritz Rotiers, 1905, uniface, 55mm (BDM VI, 119); Emile de Mot, Burgomaster of Brussels, 1907, uniface plaque, 73 x 50mm (Méd. Hist II, 130; Domp. 683; BDM VI, 119); Emile Dupont, Vice-President of the Belgian Senate, 1908, uniface plaque, 71 x 49mm (BDM VI, 119); Maurice Kufferath and Guillaume Guidé, Directors of the Théâtre Royale de la Monnaie, Brussels, 1909, uniface plaque, 74 x 54mm (BDM VI, 119); Jean Gody, 1910, 65mm (BDM VI, 320); Exposition Universelle, Brussels, 1910, prize (2), one named (Klasse 21 Groep IV aan der Heer Jac. P. Mallée), both 71mm (BDM VI, 320); Baron Henry Kervyn de Lettenhove, 1910, 65mm (Méd. Hist. III, 155; BDM VI, 320); Jules Henin, Charleroi Exposition, 1911, 66mm; Ernest Brauen, 1913, uniface plaque, 80 x 52mm (cf. BDM VII, 221). [13]. The named 1910 prize fine, others all very fine, several scarce, a good group of this artist’s earlier work prior to World War I (£80-120)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Belgium Medals.

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Charles Buls served as Burgomaster of Brussels from 1881 to 1899; the medal was struck in 1901 after his death.

Paul Fisch, medallist and die-sinker, rue d’Allemagne 32, Brussels-Midi.

Of the Kufferath/Guidé plaque, 238 examples were struck; of the Gody prize medal, 100 were struck.

Baron Henry Kervyn de Lettenhove, art curator and historian, Brussels; 141 de Lettenhove medals were struck in 1911

Ernest Brauen was manager of the Lever Bros. factory at Forest-les-Bruxelles; the plaque is believed to specifically commemorate his 25 years of service to Lever Bros., rather than the 30th anniversary of the factory itself (
cf. Forrer)