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№ 514


15 December 1995

Estimate: £90–£120

Medals Related to Navigation, France, 1929. FRANCE, First French Crossing of the Atlantic, bronze medal by Anie Mouroux, conjoined busts of Assollant, Lefèvre and Lotti right, reverse monoplane in clouds above map of the North Atlantic, 68mm (CGMP p.283). Extremely fine; in leather box of issue (£90-120)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Historical and Art Medals.

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Jean Assollant, the pilot, together with Rene Lefèvre, his navigator, and Armand Lotti, sponsor of the trip, left Old Orchard, Maine, on 13 June 1929, landing at Comillas in Northern Spain after a journey of 5,500km in 29 hours 20 minutes.