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№ 711


8 November 1995

Hammer Price:

France, France, Death of Jules Pelouze, President of the Monetary Commission, 1868, bronze medal by V.M. Borrel, bust left, reverse legend in wreath, 51mm (Wurzb. 7286; BDM I, 224); together with Visit of Francis I of Austria to the Paris Mint, 1814, copper medals (2), by R. Gayrard, minor reverse varieties, both 40mm (Bramsen 1465; BDM II, 225); Construction of the Paris Mint, 1770, copper medal by B. du Vivier, 42mm, later restrike; and a copper medal of Jean Varin, 1820, by E. Gatteaux, 41mm. [5]. About very fine and better (£40-60)

Thierry Jules Pelouze (1807-67), Professor of Chemistry, elected President of the Monetary Commission in 1848.