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№ 46


8 November 1995

Hammer Price:

Anne (1702-1714), Farthing, 1714, struck on a large (40mm) flan (cf. BMC. 745; SC. 005). An outstanding example of this scarce coin, probably among the very best surviving, about as struck, with just a hint of friction to the very highest points, excellent blemish free surfaces and rim, beginning to tone in places but lustrous and retaining much original red, rare thus (£400-500)

A beautiful example of this type, which usually is found in grades ranging from VF to toned EF, but also a curious one; it seems to conform with the commoner of the three currency types published in BMC [743-5], but is on a distinctly larger flan than those recorded by Peck.

This popular one year type presents an interesting example of the quite wide discrepancies found in priced catalogues;
CMV quotes a figure of £250 for EF specimens, “Seaby” is somewhat higher for the same grade at £350, while SC gives a price of £220 for VF examples and £600 for coins rated EF.