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10 October 1995

Hammer Price:

A London Blitz B.E.M. pair awarded to Thomas Buckingham, Voluntary A.R.P Warden, Southwark
British Empire Medal (Civil) G.VI.R., 1st type (Thomas Buckingham); Defence Medal, good very fine (2)

B.E.M. London Gazette 3 January, 1941.
‘Mr Buckingham has, since the outbreak of war, been Voluntary Air Raid Warden at the offices of his firm in Southwark, where he works by day as foundry trimmer. When a bomb fell near his post he showed great bravery in saving a woman trapped beneath the ruins of her house, by tunnelling through several feet of debris to rescue her. Three days later another bomb fell on a block of buildings, and Buckingham, without thought for his own safety, went in to search for victims, although the building might well have fallen in upon him at any moment.’