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10 October 1995

Hammer Price:

Four: Commissioned Boatman J. Jarvis, H.M. Coast Guard, late Royal Navy
Crimea 1854-55, 2 clasps, Sebastopol, Azoff (A.B., H.M.Ship Agamemnon and Snake, 54 to 56) contemporary engraved naming; China 1857-60, 1 clasp, Taku Forts 1860 (Qur. Master, H.M. Ship Camilla & Banter, 56 to 62) contemporary engraved naming; Naval L.S. & G.C., V.R., narrow suspension (Comd. Boatn., H.M. Coast Guard 25 Years) impressed naming; Turkish Crimea 1855, Sardinian issue, named as the first, light contact marks, very fine or better and scarce (4)

Joseph Jarvis is confirmed aboard H.M.S. Snake in the Sea of Azoff, on loan from H.M.S. Agamemnon (Vide Naval Medals 1793-1856, Capt. K. J. Douglas-Morris). The Naval L.S. & G.C. not recorded before. See footnote to previous lot.