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№ 933


31 May 1995

Estimate: £40–£50

1936. NETHERLANDs. Engagement of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhardt, bronze medal by H.P.J. Fleur, facing busts in heart-shaped cartouche, reverse symbolic engagement rings and legend, 60mm (Beg. 1009; Bemolt 172); together with medals for the same event (3), in bronze-gilt by J. Stolk, 40mm (Bem. 175), and two metallic badges with pins, each 16mm, with orange ribands, all very fine; Princess Juliana, Zijlfonds voor Schipperskinderen, 1936, bronze plaque by L. Zyl, 70 x 55mm (Bem. 169) [5], extremely fine (£40-50)