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19 April 1995

Hammer Price:

A rare D.S.M. for gallantry on land at the fall of Tobruk awarded to Able Seaman Cyril Hartley, Royal Navy
Distinguished Service Medal, G.V1.R. (JX.168633 A.B.) impressed naming, good very fine

D.S.M. London Gazette 20 October, 1942, “For bravery in action at Tobruk.”
Seedies Roll confirms - ‘UP Bty Tobruk. Fall of Tobruk 20 June, 1942.’
The following recommendation was extracted from PRO ADM1/12371: “For outstanding courage and devotion to duty in returning a second time to light the demolition charges which had failed to ignite while under constant shell fire from the enemy.” The recommendation is signed by Lieutenant G. E. E. Somerset, R.N.V.R., Officer Commanding U.P. Battery, H.M. Naval Base, Tobruk, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on the same occasion.
Following 580 German and 177 Italian bomber sorties flown against Tobruk on the 20th/21st June, 1942, accompanied by overwhelming armoured attacks, the exhausted but heroic garrison capitulated and 25,000 became prisoners.