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№ 601


19 April 1995

Estimate: £500–£700

Pair: Gunner Ludwig Lathwesen, Hanoverian Artillery, awarded the Guelphic Medal for bravery at Waterloo
Hanover Waterloo 1815 (Canonier, Artillerie Regiment) fitted with replacement silver ring suspender; Hanoverian Volunteer Medal 1841, unnamed as issued, the first with contact marks, nearly very fine, the second good very fine (2)

Ludwig Lathwesen is shown on the muster rolls of the 2nd Battery, Hanoverian Artillery, commanded by Captain de Rettberg, K.G.A. He was awarded the Guelphic Medal in the 1843 List and is shown with the rank of Armourer. The citation given by Von Wissel [page 152] translates as follows:
“At Waterloo, Gunners Lathwesen and Hurkuk served their gun with skill, coolheadedness and efficiency, towards the end almost alone. Lathwesen early on had received a spent bullet in the shoulder which swelled up badly. Nevertheless he remained in action to the end.”