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№ 279


19 April 1995

Hammer Price:

Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar, various commemorative pieces (5) comprising: Nelson Memorial 1805, bronze medal, 39 mm, artist unknown (BHM 581; MH 1919, 505); British Naval Victories 1782-1816, the obverse lid, with portrait of Nelson, from the bronze box medal produced c.1820 (BHM 1056; MH 1919, 508); Centenary of Trafalgar 1905, two medallettes, each in the form of a miniature Naval Gold Medal, one inscribed to Nelson for the battle of St. Vincent 1797, the other for the Nile 1798; 150th Anniversary of Trafalgar 1955, silver medal by P. Vincze, 39 mm (Eimer 2095), the first polished, otherwise very fine or better (5)