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№ 479


21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Æthelred I (c.865-871), Kings of Wessex, Æthelred I (865-871), Penny, Æthelgar, reads ÆTHERED, reverse EDELGAR MONETA divided by lines with crook at each end, 0.99 gms (cf. Pagan, SNC Feb. 1991, p.6; N. 623; S. 1055). Chipped, obverse very fine, reverse nearly so, extremely rare, only 3 specimens known of this moneyer

Bt. C.J. Martin Nov. 1990 [acquired by Martin Sept. 1990].
This is the sixth known specimen of Æthelred’s coinage with the King’s name spelt
ÆTHERED, believed by Pagan to be a posthumous and imitative issue. It is uncertain whether this coin shares an ultimate provenance with another specimen of the same moneyer which was offered on the London market at the same time (SNC Nov. 1990, 6819). The four other known specimens of this coinage, all in British museums, were detailed by Pagan (ASMH, p.116)