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21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Æthelred II (978-1016), Æthelred II, First Hand type, Thorcetel, Torksey, dvrcetel m-o tvrc, 1.71 gms (BMC 335, pl. xvi, pl.9, same dies; SCBI Copenhagen 1251, different dies). Obverse with some encrustation otherwise better than fine, reverse about very fine, excessively rare (£1,400-1,800)

Torksey is one of the rarest Anglo-Saxon mints; only two coins of this reign for this mint, both of the First Small Cross type, are recorded by Hildebrand in the Royal collection, Stockholm; three Torksey coins of Æthelred II are in the National Museum, Copenhagen; while Grueber and Keary record only a single coin of Tordsey for the reign (335), a die duplicate, as noted above, of the present coin.