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№ 85


21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Eadgar (959-975), Eadgar, Bust Crowned type, Æthelsige, Bath, South West England style bust, eadgar rex, crowned bust right, reverse edelzige · badv ci, small cross pattée, annulet in reverse field, 1.45 gms (BMC v; N. 751; S. 1139). Good very fine, with a few spots of verdigris adhering, very rare, the moneyer excessively rare (£1,000-1,200)

The moneyer Æthelsige is unrecorded by North for this type for Bath, and none are represented in the British Museum or other major institutional collections. His name, however, appears on Bath coins of the Eadgar’s Circumscription Cross type and also on those of Æthelred II.