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21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Early Anglo-Saxon Period, early period, Primary Series C, East Anglian, Sceat, bust right, apa in runes in front, reverse diademed bust, resembling a porcupine, to right, tilv in front, 1.gms (BMC 10; Hill, BNJ, 1952, pl. V, 12; cf. Metcalf pp. 248-50; N. 182; S. — ). About extremely fine, very dark patina, very rare, paticularly in this state (£200-300)

Ex Lord Grantley (not discernible in catalogue), Glendining’s, 4th September 1974 (lot 103), and Spink Coin Auctions 20 (lot 45, described as “probably the finest known specimen of this very rare type with two busts”). Metcalf has expressed reservations on the authenticity of this specimen on account of its heavy weight.