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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

Family Group

Eight: Captain P.S. Corbould, Nagpur Rifles, late C.I.V.
QUEEN'S SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902, 3 clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Diamond Hill (1500 Pte, C.I.V.); BRITISH AND TERRITORIAL FORCE WAR MEDALS (Capt.) both renamed, DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS (Capt., T.A.R.O.); CORONATION 1902, bronze, copy; DELHI DUNBAR 1911, copy; INDIAN VOLUNTEER FORCES DECORATION, G.V.R. (Lieut., 2nd Nagpur Rifles I.D.F.) mounted as worn, together with B.R.C.S. Proficiency Medal, B.R.C.S. War Service Medal and badge for voluntary war work in India 1914-18, these awarded to his wife M.S. Corbould, the first named and in box of issue, and a related Masonic jewel

Five: Lieutenant A.S. Corbould, Royal Navy
1939-45 STAR; ATLANTIC STAR; AFRICA STAR, clasp, North Africa 1942-43; ITALY STAR; WAR MEDAL, this last privately named
Son of Captain P.S. Gorbould.

Five: Lieutenant A.A. Vennor-Morris, R.A.S.C. 1939-45 STAR; FRANCE AND GERMANY STAR, DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS; EFFICIENCY MEDAL, Territorial, G.VI.R. (Lt., R.A.S.C.) together with Defence and War medals awarded to his wife, and companion sets of miniature dress medals, all mounted as worn
Son-in-law and daughter of Captain P.S. Corbould.

ROYAL MANCHESTER INSTITUTION, B.A. Heywood Prize Medal, silver, by W. Wyon, 51mm (Edwd. H. Corbould, 1854) together with bronze London Exhibition Medal 1873, 70mm, unnamed, generally good very fine or better (33)