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№ 148


8 December 1994

Estimate: £1,400–£1,600

A rare Indian Mutiny medal to Master G. Creed, a young pupil at La Martiniére College during the defence of Lucknow, together with another medal to his brother who was also a pupil INDIAN MUTINY 1857-58, 1 clasp, Defence of Lucknow (G. Creed) officially impressed naming, together with another but without clasp (E. A. Creed) this with engraved naming, very fine and very rare (2)

Both boys are confirmed on the roll of 'Staff and Pupils of La Martini6re awarded India Mutiny Medal with clasp 'Defence of Lucknow La Martiniére was once the residence of the French General Claude Martin and established as a college for European and Eurasian boys in his memory. During the siege the elder boys, though not officially combatant, were armed with muskets and helped their masters in the defence of their quarters. The younger boys helped with some of the domestic work when servants deserted, or carried messages and ammunition to the posts. L.E.R. Rees, in his diary of the siege comments on the health of the boys and his disapproval of the tasks given to them: 'The poor Martiniére pupils, who go about the garrison more filthy than others, and apparently more neglected and hungry even than we are, are made use of to drive away these insects (flies) from the sick in hospital, and others. That they, too, should contribute their share of usefulness is but just and fair; but that they should be placed in menial attendance upon the healthy great in the garrison is, in my opinion, far from right. But I shall say nothing more on this subject, lest I assume a tone of censure.’