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№ 632


8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

Belgium, Belgium, Baron Gaston de Vinck, 25th Anniversary as Burgermaster of Zillebeke, 1909, bronze plague, 69 x 48mm, Fulgence Masson, Politician, uniface plaque, 1910, The Universal and International Exposition at Ghent, 1913, Art Nouveau bronze plaque, 71 x 69mm, The Inauguration of the Van Eyck Monument at Ghent, 1913, bronze plaque, 84 x 56mm; Switzerland, Centenary of the Admission of the Canton of Aargau to the Swiss Confederation, 1903, a silver-plated bronze plaque by S. Burger-Hartmann, 80 x 59mm. Generally extremely fine (5)