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№ 218


27 September 1994

Hammer Price:

A Group of seven awarded to Corporal D. Wright, Grenadier Guards who was awarded the M.M. for gallantry in the Greek Islands whilst serving with the Special Boat Service

MILITARY MEDAL, G.VI.R., unnamed; 1939-45 STAR; AFRICA STAR; ITALY STAR; DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS; GENERAL SERVICE 1918-62, 1 clasp, Cyprus (23252154 Cpl. D. Wright, (M.M.) Gren. Gds.) mounted for display, nearly extremely fine (7)

M.M., London Gazette, 4 January, 1945. The following citation was extracted from official records and a copy is sold with the lot: 'For distinguished conduct during operations on the islands of los, Amorgos and Naxos. In the attack on an enemy post in los Town on the night 26 april 1944, a close quarter engagement took place in which this N.C.O. particularly distinguished himself, resulting in the post being captured, and 5 casualties caused to the enemy without loss. During the attack on the German W/T Station at Katapola Port Amorgos on the night 1 May 1944, this N.C.O. was ordered to cover the assault party with L.M.G. fire. This fire was controlled by the assault party with pre-arranged light signals, Although more than 200 yards away from the target, this N.C.O. fired with extreme accuracy putting every burst through the rear windows of the house. The effect was such that the enemy were completely demoralised and unable to bring fire to bear upon the assault party. So much so, that 6 of the enemy fled from the house when the L.M.G. opened up for the third time and were killed by the assault party. The success of this operation, and the capture of the W/T Station with all the codes and documents was to a very great extent due to the work of this N.C.O. During the operation on Naxos - 16th to 26th May 1944 - this N.C.O. was suffering from a severe relapse of malaria and was in an extremely weak condition. Refusing to be carried and so delay the re-embarkation of the patrol he marched for 15 miles over mountainous country to the beach carrying his heavy equipment. Thus by his determination the patrol was spared an extra days waiting in an area already heavily patrolled by the enemy. The conduct of this N.C.O. on all these operations was of the highest order.