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№ 119


27 September 1994

Hammer Price:

Three: Private T. Schofield, West Riding Regiment

BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS (306791 Pte., W. Rid. R.); BOROUGH OF BRIGHOUSE MEDAL, obverse 'A Token of Gratitude from Brighouse, 1914-1918', reverse engraved (Pte. T. Schofield, 306791 D.of.W.W.R.Rgt.) the ribbon embroidered with the town's Coat of Arms, with top suspender brooch embossed 'Victory', nearly extremely fine (3)

The Borough of Brighouse Medal for the 1914-1918 War was given to Brighouse men who had: (a) fought in the first World War, and (b) registered as 'veterans' at the Town Hall. A local Heroes Fund was formed and members of the public were asked to contribute to this. Some of the money received was used to cast bronze medals, the first batch of which were distributed in 1920. Only ex-soldiers on the veterans list received medals.