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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Three: Captain William T. Miller, Merchant Navy

British War and Victory Medals (William J. (sic) Miller); Lloyd’s Medal for Meritorious Services, 3rd type, silver (Captain William T. Miller, S.S. “Umvolosi”, 19th August 1918), mounted as worn, minor correction to last, extremely fine (3) £250-300

William Thomas Miller was born in London in 1858. Entering the Merchant Navy, he was passed as 2nd Mate in 1891, 1st Mate in 1894 and Officer Commanding in 1896. Miller was Captain of the Umvalosi when she struck a mine off Colombo on 22 August 1918. He was Commended for Services in connection with the War (London Gazette 17 January 1919) and was awarded the Lloyd’s Medal for Meritorious Service on 15 January 1919, ‘For gallant conduct on the occasion of the S.S. “Umvolosi” striking a mine on the 19th August 1918.’ Sold with copied research.