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№ 1325


7 October 2004

Hammer Price:

Middlesex [incorporating London], Central London, Ludgate Hill, Matthew Young, Milton’s Penny, 1798, Britannia seated, St Paul’s in background, rev. legend, edge lettered, 28.52g/12h (DH 41; Stainton 42). Usual rim flaws both sides and a nick in field by Britannia’s trident, otherwise practically as struck, bronzed, rare (£250-300)

Fawcett/Litman Collection [from Seaby 1956].

72 struck. Matthew Young (1771-1838), goldsmith, jeweller and coin dealer, 16 Ludgate street, 1798-1804, 46 High Holborn, 1805-29, 41 Tavistock street, Covent Garden, 1830-8. In the first third of the 19th century he was London’s foremost coin dealer

The edge is lettered