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№ 48


17 September 2004

Hammer Price:

Honourable East India Company Medal for the Coorg Rebellion 1837, gold, 3rd class medal as awarded to Parpattigars, 45.29 grams, with integral gold loop for suspension, a rare original medal, one of only 20 awarded in this class, with overall signs of wear, otherwise very fine

Principally awarded in 3 classes weighing 9, 7 or 4 tolas, one tola being equal to one silver rupee (11.7 grams or 180 troy grains). The gold example sold in the King collection (Morton & Eden, October 2003) weighed 44.69grams, i.e 4 tolas, a little lighter than the example offered here but still broadly conforming with the 3rd class awards. The first class, valued at 400 Rupees each, was awarded with a chain to the two Dewans. Twelve of the second class, valued at Rs. 200, were awarded with chains to the Subadars and principal Chiefs, while 20 of the third class, valued at Rs. 120, were awarded without chains for the Parpattigars and others. A further 10 gold medals of Rs. 50 in value were awarded to Ryots who specially distinguished themselves.