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№ 1255


6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

South Africa, Union Medal 1952 (1380); Pro Patria Medal, (62365), gilt and enamel; Police Good Service Medal 1923 (No.915 (F) 1/C. Const. M. J. Dupreez); Police Star for Merit 1963 (Sers. E. F. Fibiger, 21175F, 78/3/7), silver and enamel; Police Medal for Combating Terrorism 1974 (56054K Konst. L. Coetzee); Pair: Constable S. Tladi, South African Railways Police: Star of Merit in the South African Pailways Police (1620 B/Konst., 77.03.7), silver and enamel; Medal for Faithful Service in the South African Railways Police (1620 B/Konst., 1.12.64, 576), bronze and enamel; Argentina, Cross for National Guard of Buenos Aires 1865-69, bronze copy, all with ribbon, good very fine (8) £30-50