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№ 1077


6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

U.S.A., Medal of Freedom, without palm, bronze; Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, gilt, with lapel rosette, in case of issue, extremely fine (2) £30-50

Citation for the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service reads:

‘Andre Marie de Staercke, for his exceptionally distinguished service as Ambassador of His Majesty the King of the Belgians, Permanent Representative for Belgium to the North Atlantic Council.

Throughout his brilliant diplomatic career as Dean of the North Atlantic Council, Andre de Staercke worked tirelessly and effectively to build strong ties among member nations and to strengthen their common defense. His passionate allegiance to the principles of the Alliance, and his unrivalled knowledge of the history and procedures of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, exerted a powerful and lasting influence on a wide range of political issues and military policies. Always mindful of the need for cooperation, consultation, and respect for the concerns of every sovereign member of the Alliance, he never lost sight of its main objective: To deter aggression through strength and solidarity. As the gracious representative of the gracious people whose hospitality has contributed so much to the splendid spirit of the Council’s deliberations, his erudition, eloquence, and wit are remembered with affection and already sorely missed.

For his dedication to the cause of peace in the world, for his many years of unselfish service in a common venture, and for his special qualities of leadership, it is my pleasure to award to Ambassador Andre Marie de Staercke the United States Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. [Signed] Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, 29 March 1976.’

Sold with a folder containing 19 colour photographs of the awards ceremony; most featuring the recipient and several featuring President Ford and Secretary Rumsfeld. With a letter that accompanied the photographs signed by Donald Rumsfeld. Also with copied newspaper reports, news releases and some biographical details.