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6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Wellesley Training Ship Charles Mather Prize Medal for Good Conduct, by Heaton, obverse: ship-of-the-line under sail, with circumscription, ‘Tyne Training Ship Wellesley, Charles T. N. Mather Prize 1875’, in exergue, ‘Established 1868’; reverse: cypher within a wreath of laurel, a scroll above, ‘Good Conduct Medal’, engraved, ‘F. F. Brockwell’, 45mm., silver, scroll suspension, silver buckle on ribbon; Wellesley Training Ship Souvenir Medal, obverse: the training ship Wellesley with reduced masts, ‘Souvenir Wellesley Training Ship, North Shields, England’; reverse: in raised letters, ‘William Campbell, Chief Monitor 1884-1888’ and engraved, ‘Cyril Clive Booker’, 43 x 44mm., silver, hallmarks for Birmingham 1936, with silver brooch bar, good very fine and better (2) £140-180

In 1868, H.M.S. Cornwall (built in 1812), which had been used as a training ship on the Thames at Purfleet since 1859, was moved to Blythe and renamed the Wellesley for use by the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Training Ship Committee. In 1874 it was replaced by the Boscawen (built in 1844) which was renamed Wellesley. Able to accommodate about 300 boys, the training ship prepared many for service in the Merchant Navy. In 1914 the ship was damaged by fire and was later broken up. Boys continued to be trained ashore, firstly in Tynemouth and then in Blythe.