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30 June 2004

Hammer Price:

South Africa, Transvaal Football Association, a gold badge, named (Germiston, Gallies A.F.C, F.G. McLeod, 1913), hallmarked rbs Birmingham 1913, 9ct, 9.51g, 35 x 30mm; South African Football Association, a gold award medal by Vaughton, animals in veldt, Table Mountain in background, rev. wreath, named (1914 Currie Cup won by W.P.F.A. G. Nichol), hallmarked Birmingham 1914, 9ct, 11.49g, 25mm; The Rand Motor Cycling Club, Durban to Jo’burg Race [1929], a gold award medal signed R.M.P., rider crouched over the handlebars of his machine, rev. legend, named (14th Place, E.P. Kling), 8.52g, 26mm; Transvaal Rifle Association, Intercolonial Match, a gold award medal by Heydenrich, standing burghers, rev. wreath, named (Transvaal, 1939, Col. P.S. Beves), 9ct, 18.94g, 30mm; Comrades Marathon, Maritzburg-Durban, a gold award medal by Toye & Spencer for E.G. Kerby & Co, naked winged runner, rev. wreath, named (3rd, G. Burdett, 7h 42m 6s, 24·5·48, hallmarked Birmingham 1947, 9ct, 12.40g, 29mm; Red Cross Society of South Africa, a gold and enamel badge, legend both sides, un-named, 9ct, 16.75g, 29mm [6] Very fine and better; all with clips and rings for suspension (£120-150)

The third medal commemorates what the Rand Daily Mail described as ‘the world’s most gruelling [motorcycle] road race’, between Durban and Johannesburg on 1 June 1929. The race was won by the well-known inter-War road racer J.G. Lind; the recipient, E.P. Kling, from Johannesburg, rode a 350cc Chater Lea machine. Sold with related newspaper cutting. This medal only illustrated