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№ 1538


30 June 2004

Hammer Price:

France, Louis XV, Coronation, 1724, a silver medal by J. Duvivier, bust right, rev. Coronation scene, 40mm (BDM I, 684); Louis XVI, Coronation, 1785, a silver medal by N.-M. Gatteaux, crowned bust right, rev. Coronation scene, 34mm (BDM II, 210); Conquest of Upper Egypt, 1799, a bronze medal by A. Galle, head of Isis left, rev. crocodile chained to palm, 35mm (CGMP p.27; Trés. 73.1; BDM II, 196; Slg Julius 694); Réforme Parlementaire, 1834, a bronze medal, unsigned, Fame blowing trumpet, rev. legend in and around wreath, 41mm [4]. First two fine, third extremely fine and attractive, last very fine (£50-70)