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№ 1390


30 June 2004

Hammer Price:

Bowling, The W. Waters Butler Challenge Cup, a silver award medal by Elkington, male bowler left, rev. tablet and scroll, named (1922, H. Owen), hallmarked Birmingham 1922, 33mm; National Institute for the Blind, Sunshine House Bowls Fund, a silver award medal, four bowlers on a green, rev. legend on scroll, named (Won by A.H. Maryott 1925), stamped r aj&s, 35mm; Oscar Clark Bowling Trophy, a silver award medal, unsigned, arms, rev. wreath, named (Won by W.S. Provan, Wellmeadow, 1944), 26mm; Bowling, a uniface silver medal, unsigned, bowler left, back named (H.B.C., T. White, Muir Cup Runner Up, 1948), stamped wjp, 26mm [4]. Generally very fine, first and last better; all with clips and rings for suspension (£30-40)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, British Medals from the Collection of James Spencer.

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